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Preparing yourself

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Self care before, during and after  becoming a mother. 
Reconnecting to our natural instincts and inner wisdom.


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Learning to guide

Moving away from the old concepts of parenting based on discipline, control, punishment and reward. Guiding them into becoming resilient, empowered and thriving individuals in their own path.

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Emotional balance

Time to clean away that which is holding you from living fully at peace in your relationship. Discovering the power of team building and emotional feedback to thrive with your partner.

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The Cozy Corner© is a beautiful visual tool designed for children to learn how to recognize, communicate and navigate through their feelings. 


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The Feelings Wheel is based on the work of Dr. Gloria Willcox. An in-depth chart consisting of 130 feelings. With 7 main feelings and their corresponding sub-feelings.

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My story

Hi. I'm Tanit, the founder of TANIT.


I’ve read hundreds of books, taken countless courses and certifications, I am certified as a Conscious Coach by Dr. Shefali, I am a mother, a wife, and I am constantly learning and growing. I'm not here to preach at you from high above - but rather to share some hard-won truths, tactics, and tools.


Most importantly, I’ve already helped thousands of people with this approach.

Welcome to a space where to discover new possibilities. Redefining outdated concepts about the relationships and roles which you care the most about:

  • Motherhood

  • ️Parenting

  • ️Couples

and how it all comes back to the relationship you have with your own self.


Moving towards a conscious, aligned, and empowered state of being at every step of the way.

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Everything starts with yourself

Here is a beautiful interview I did with and K100 (in Icelandic) about Conscious Parenting. I really recommend you read it. 

"It all starts with yourself. If you have not learned to be okay and balanced, you can not teach your child that. You have to work on yourself first to set a good example"

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