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The Cozy Corner© is a beautiful visual tool designed for children to learn how to recognize, communicate and navigate through their feelings. Normalizing all feelings and the importance of acknowledging them from an early age. 

The Cozy Corner is based on the work of Dr. Gloria Willcox and adapted for children of any age to use. As well as being a fun and interactive learning opportunity for the whole family, other caregivers, and schools. 

A key component in Conscious Parenting is getting familiar with our own triggers as a parent/caregiver, the feelings that arise, understanding why they are there, and learning how to navigate through them to bring ourselves back to balance. 

Becoming attuned with our feelings and what to do when they appear is a golden key to have in order to navigate life proactively rather than reactively. Having the emotional maturity to know how to self-regulate requires guidance and practice. Emotional intelligence thus becomes a critical tool to nurture from an early age, in order to enjoy a more conscious and balanced life. 

The Cozy Corner is meant to become a child's go-to space for quality me-time whenever needed. A space for connection in the moments they need it the most: when they are out of balance. Also known as "time-in" or "quiet space". This dedicated space approach is found across various gentle/respectful parenting methods. Where to give the necessary time for feelings to be felt, acknowledged, and released without any pressure.

This becomes an ideal time to expand their vocabulary around feelings, understand how the emotions are felt in their body, what options are there to help them release the feelings and find their balance once again. Normalizing this process and guiding them in the most gentle way to connect with themselves. 

What you will receive:

  1. "How to use" poster. A visual guide for children to follow and know how to use The Cozy Corner posters. 

  2. "How are you feeling now?" poster. With 8 key main feelings illustrated (Happy/energetic, Happy/calm, surprised, sad, fearful, angry, disgusted, and sad). With scenarios to relate to as examples, and other key feelings connected to the main ones. 

  3. "What you can do" poster. A visual guide with different ideas to help the child self-regulate. 

  4. "The Feelings Wheel" poster. An in-depth chart consisting of 130 feelings. With 7 main feelings and their corresponding sub-feelings.

  5. "How to use" digital guide for parents/caregivers. With detailed ideas on how to approach the content depending on the age of the child. How to use it as a family or in a school environment. 

Age range: The Cozy Corner is meant to be adapted in its use depending on the age of the child. First by observing the facial expressions on the illustrations, learning to name the feelings, and gradually being introduced to the different concepts until all posters are up on the wall and used independently by the child. Which can be all the way up to the early teenage years and beyond. The Feelings Wheel is a tool designed to be used all the way into adulthood.

Size: All 4 posters come in A4 size 21 x 29,7 cm. Ready to be framed or placed as-is on the wall.

Language: Available in Icelandic and in English. 


Delivery: Shipping within Iceland is included in the price. For international shipments or bulk orders, please contact us. 

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