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Mom to be

Your body and mind are about to take you on a beautiful transformation. Worries, stress and uncertainty will come and go along the way. As well as joy, excitement and empowering feelings. How to be in your balance, healthy, trusting your inner abilities to lead you. Away from society's pressure of do's and dont's. 
This is YOUR journey.



Due date

Your body was designed for this beautiful moment. 
Tuning into your body and mind in the most natural and empowering way. Letting go of the pressures and expectations and tapping into the innate tools your body can provide. Understanding in depth how it all works and tune fully into your amazing innate abilities.



Mommy time

It is recovery and bonding time. Time to slow down and enjoy the time you have with your baby. You are learning and discovering precious things. And there are some important subjects to tackle. Such as breastfeeding, sleep, elimination communication, and more. The first few months are about meeting your and your baby's needs in the most gentle and natural way. 

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