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Conscious Parenting



Elimination Communication

Baby led weaning





We spend years learning, accumulating knowledge for a career, a hobby, or to sharpen a skill. We dedicate time to our health, learning about nutrition, and how to exercise. Yet, when it comes to having children. And the importance of having the task to raise another human being to become a thriving adult, the tendency is to think the knowledge is naturally already there. "We are meant to do this". 

Conscious Parenting isn't focused on how to "raise" your child. And has everything to do with preparing and transforming yourself to offer the best version of you to your child. Discovering how your own patterns and conditioning can limit you and drain you from being fully present in this new journey of parenthood, directly impacting your child's upbringing. 

Whether you are a parent-to-be, a new parent, or have been on this journey for a while, there is always space where one can find true fulfillment through discovering and digging deep into the triggers, the pains, the old conditioning, and use those as stepping stones for becoming a conscious parent for ourselves and our children. For good.

Based on the direct teachings of Dr. Shefali, I went through the biggest transformation of my entire life. Becoming conscious of my patterns in the process to be fully present for my child. Since birth, she became my biggest teacher and helped me not only heal old unconscious patterns but becoming a thriving guide in her life. Away from controlling patterns and fully in tune with an unconditionally loving relationship. 


As part of becoming a mother, I chose to be in tune with the most natural and primal aspects of parenthood. This is what called me as a mother and was a discovery for my husband. We followed the child. From co-sleeping, breastfeeding, natural eating, and elimination communication. To open spaces, respectful communication, trusting, and seeing your child as a fully capable individual at every step of the way. 

I look forward to sharing everything about Conscious Parenting as well as specific techniques to a more natural approach to parenting your child/children.  


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