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Couples & Marriage

The dance of 2

We show only the best facade of ourselves to begin with. Then, starts the "dance of the egos". The triggers, the expectations, the pains. We often come into a relationship carrying a bag of undealt patterns and pains. Unconsciously placing it into this new relationship.

This bag is our inner "hulk". 
Time to work on emotional feedback, addressing the expectations, and fully connecting to a more intuned and conscious self for a thriving relationship that lasts. 


Parent and Child

And now what?

Everything is about to change. Preparing yourself to be a parent is crucial, and so it is preparing yourself for your new relationship as parents together.
What to expect, how to best support each other. Putting emphasis on crucial moments before, during, and after the birth. Such as the father's role in caring for the mother after the birth so that she can focus on the child.

Family Fun


You formed a family, a blended family. Different educations, values, traditions which need to find their natural balance within the new family home. 
Let's talk about jealousy, rejection, and resentment and how to dig deeper to prevent or eliminate patterns in order to meet everyone's emotional needs. Discovering transformational tools to set the foundation for a strong family structure.

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