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The feelings wheel is a beautiful visual tool designed designed to learn how to recognize and communicate feelings.


The feelings wheel is based on the work of Dr. Gloria Willcox and adapted for people of all ages to use. 

Becoming attuned with our feelings and what to do when they appear is a golden key to have in order to navigate life proactively rather than reactively. Having the emotional maturity to know how to self-regulate requires guidance and practice. Emotional intelligence thus becomes a critical tool to nurture from an early age, in order to enjoy a more conscious and balanced life. 

The Feelings Wheel poster is an in-depth chart consisting of 130 feelings. With 7 main feelings and their corresponding sub-feelings.

Size: A4 size 21 x 29,7 cm. Ready to be framed or placed as-is on the wall.

Language: Available in Icelandic and in English. 


Delivery: Shipping within Iceland is included in the price. For international shipments or bulk orders, please contact us. 

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