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My story

Hi. I'm Tanit, the founder of TANIT.


I’ve read hundreds of books, taken countless courses and certifications, I am certified as a Conscious Coach by Dr. Shefali, I am a mother, a wife, and I am constantly learning and growing. I'm not here to preach at you from high above - but rather to share some hard-won truths, tactics, and tools.


Most importantly, I’ve already helped thousands of people with this approach.

Welcome to a space where to discover new possibilities. Redefining outdated concepts about the relationships and roles which you care the most about:

  • Motherhood

  • ️Parenting

  • ️Couples

and how it all comes back to the relationship you have with your own self.


Moving towards a conscious, aligned, and empowered state of being at every step of the way.

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My burnout success story

I went through a corporate and life burnout after decades of pushing my limits for the sake of achievements and obtaining everything in life which society tells you should bring you "happiness".

It all started early in my childhood, with the need to fulfill that which was required of me. Both from my parents and from society. To years later, and after successfully finishing an elite business education, excelling in the corporate world, and being in a stable relationship. I reached a dead end. And crashed when I found out that none of those external goals were the key to true fulfillment. ​That crash was my call to action to turn inwards.


I transcended the need for people to approve of me and dropped the invisible feeling of never being good enough...

Conscious Relationships

I let go of my beliefs of what "happiness" meant. And evolved from that into a powerful internal transformation. More conscious and detached from external marks for success. Redefining in the process the relationships and roles I cared the most about.  


From that new perspective on life, I started leading others into finding their own transformational story. Focusing on relationships, which are the strongest mirrors at defining that which requires your greatest attention.

Focused on Motherhood, Parenting, and Couples. Sharing the transformational techniques and methods I have fined tuned combined with knowledge acquired through renown teachers and authors on these topics from around the world. 


Tanit’s background:

  • Mother - Wife - Coach - Business Woman - and ever-evolving self!

  • Bachelor’s Degree and Master in Business Administration and Management from Esade Business School

  • A decade in a successful corporate world, until she hit a burnout and turned her life around.

  • Co-founder of ANDRI ICELAND, a transformational coaching center focused on evidence-based Mind-Body techniques for self-growth.

  • Health & Personal Development Coach

  • Yoga Teacher RYT 200 | Yoga Alliance (and other Yoga related certifications)

  • Level 2 Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor (Cold Therapy, Breathwork, Mindset)

  • Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor (Breathwork)

  • Buteyko Clinic International Certified Instructor (Breathwork)

  • Go Diaper Free Certified Coach (Elimination Communication)

  • Certified Conscious Coaching Method by Dr. Shefali Tsabary (Motherhood, Parenting, and Couples)

She blends her knowledge and studies from renowned methods across the world on personal development, mindfulness, yoga, mental and physical well-being, to take you to the root and catalyze your inner growth. 

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