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Join the BU community!

Other like-minded families and Tanit supporting you along the way!


15.000 ISK

One-time payment grants you full access to the community

BU cmmunity (2).png


To join the community there is a one-time fee of 15.000 which gives you access for as long as you like to be part of it :) 


This is what you get by joining:

  • Monthly follow-up Zoom calls to answer any questions,  and guide you through the various milestones changes with your baby. 

  • Connecting with other families in the community for additional support.

  • A dedicated Facebook group with additional learning content and the latest information from Go diaper-free.

  • A space for sharing questions and receiving feedback at any point of your journey.

  • Until your baby is out of diapers and beyond.

After registering, you will receive access to the community group within 24 hours. 

Looking forward to having you join us! :)

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